Table Tennis: A Sport for All

Fernando Pacheco
June 04, 2018

On any given evening on the corner of Dillingham and Waikamilo, you can hear the high-pitched knocking of ping pong balls. Follow that sound and you’ll see Aloha Table Tennis Association (ATTA) playing high energy matches. You may even hear an occasional grunt or celebratory yell echo through the hall. Rest assured this community is all smiles.

ATTA President Alex Berganio had a hard time finding dedicated table tennis locations in Honolulu. Once he did, days and times were limited. It motivated Berganio and his friends to form the ATTA,  the first and only full-time table tennis facility in Hawaii.

Don’t be fooled by the compact tables and paddles, the players at ATTA work up a sweat. Berganio says table tennis improves hand-eye coordination, balance, reflexes, and core strength. Because of the sport’s low risk of injury, he says all ages and fitness levels can play.

While some sports have specific physical attributes that determine a player’s success, table tennis athletes take on all shapes and sizes. “To be competitive in table tennis, it’s more about skill and strategy,” says Berganio. 

ATTA is more than just a table tennis club. They offer coaching and private lessons. Players can learn everything from basic forehand and backhand strokes to more advanced moves, like looping (generating a lot of topspin on the ball) and smashing (high-speed finishing shot). And companies can rent the ATTA facility for team building.

Thinking about taking a whack at table tennis? ATTA is offering one free week with your HMSA membership card as part of the HMSA  discount program.

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