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Take a look at some of the stories that made their way into the spotlight in this season's issue.

a-buzz on the big island

There's something buzzing on the Big Island. You can get local honey at farmer's markets across the island, but what's it like to keep bees? Read about leaning the trade at UH Hilo, becoming a beekeeper, and how Hawaii's bees impact people (and food) around the world.

from coach to ceo

As a surgeon, he saved lives. As a high school basketball coach, he led his team to victories. And he produced a Broadway show about courage and strength. Now as HMSA's president and CEO, Mark Mugiishi is undertaking his biggest challenge yet: to help improve health care in Hawaii.

under the sea

Shark diving is a popular attraction for Hawaii residents and visitors. Find out what it's like to be a professional shark diver and why shark diving is actually beneficial for the undersea apex predators.

rpgs: roll playing

It's a night set up for me to join a role-playing game (RPG) called Pathfinder. I’ve played board games all my life, but RPGs aren’t what I’m used to. As I headed out, I had no idea what I was getting into.

book it!

Not all adventures take you on a deep dive into the ocean or back in time, but some do. Check out these recommendations from librarians and booksellers that can transport your back to Hawai'i’s plantation days, into a fantasy world, and maybe even get to know an octopus along the way.

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