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celebrating the roots of ko

In the area on Kauai’s south shore where Hawaii’s first commercial sugar plantation began operations in 1835, a 10-day celebration is held each summer. Read how each year, residents of Koloa and Poipu – many of whom are descendants of sugar plantation workers – gather for the Koloa Plantation Days festival.

mana in music

The Hawaiian Music Perpetuation Society hopes to restore Hawaiian music for both visitors and locals – not just as a source of entertainment, but also as a way to pass down the stories and traditions of Hawaii that’s told in mele. The organization’s president is Kuuipo Kumukahi, a longtime Hawaiian entertainer and Na Hoku Hanohano award winner, and she talks about ways they’re working to help keep Hawaiian music alive.

lights, camera, action: elevating hawaii's acting industry

A new local nonprofit is on a mission to boost Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander representation in Hawaii’s film and TV industry. We chatted with the founders of International Cultural Arts Network about what they hope to achieve and to learn about the opportunities they’re creating for local Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander actors.

hula at the royal palace

Interested in learning hula but not sure where to start? Kumu hula Nalani Keale’s auana (modern hula) class at the Queen Emma Summer Palace offers an ideal opportunity to experience the physical, cultural, and spiritual aspects of this cherished Hawaiian dance. Learn more about this class for adults and kupuna and the historical setting where the class takes place.

how actor stephen hill is living aloha

Actor Stephen Hill had just two days to settle into Hawaii before starting work on Magnum P.I. While his co-workers on the show quickly became his ohana here, they were just the first members of his growing community in Honolulu. We sat down with Hill to chat about his role on Magnum and how he's made Hawaii his home.

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