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rebirth of ulu maika

It’s a game that many Hawaiians remember playing as children. Ulu maika is a traditional stone disc-rolling game played as a part of the Makahiki celebration stating in the fall. We'll explore the physical and cultural benefits of ulu maika.

a strong foundation for our community

For more than 100 years, Hawai‘i Community Foundation has fostered the spirit of giving throughout the islands. With a mission to “inspire generosity, advocate for equity, forge connections, and invest in community to create a better Hawaii,” they take giving seriously. Find out from Hawai‘i Community Foundation CEO and President Micah Kane and Executive Assistant Kawehi Yim what it’s like to work at an organization that envisions a brighter future for all.

super donors to the rescue

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Blood Bank of Hawaii averaged about 27,000 donors per year. But those numbers have plummeted. Meet three super donors who are committed to giving of themselves because Hawaii's need for blood products isn't decreasing.

reducing emergency department visits

When it comes to health care, many individuals who lack resources believe they have few options. So even minor health issues often lead them to the emergency department. Waikiki Health is taking major steps to address this problem with its Waiwai Ola Emergency Department Diversion Program.

wahine build self-reliance

Stable, self-reliant families are the cornerstone of vibrant communities. That's why Honolulu Habitat for Humanity builds affordable homes for low-income families on Oahu. Habitat builds homes year-round with the help of volunteers -- men and women -- tapping into the latter's potential to learn new skills and break down barriers.

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