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valentine’s day celebration boards

Courtney Takabayashi

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about fancy (and expensive!) dinners with your significant other. These days, it’s common to stay in or even hang out with your friends or little ones. If you’re looking for fun ideas for a relaxing evening in, look no further. The best part about these celebration boards is that you can customize them with your favorite or seasonal ingredients.

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Take a look at some of the stories that made their way into the spotlight in this season's issue.

relle lum makes food taste yum

Maui nurse practitioner Relle Lum has the recipe for success when it comes to representing Hawaii on the national stage. Try this manju recipe that she wowed judges and audiences on a popular PBS cooking show.

health care heroes of the lahaina wildfires

When disaster strikes, there are those who rush to the aid of others. Here are stories of three health care heroes, Cory Lehano of Mauliola Pharmacy, John Vaz of Malama I Ke Ola, and Wes Lo from Ohana Pacific, who mobilized their teams, gathered resources, and saved countless lives during the Maui wildfires.

ai in medicine: potential and pitfalls

Whether it’s self-driving cars or articles that write themselves, artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic. Its potential seems limitless, but cautions abound and there’s much to ponder when going down the AI health care road. Read the thoughts of two experts on the future of AI in medicine.

golden year: leahi swim school's 50th anniversary

In 1974, Hawaii-born Lori Komer started a swim school at the foot of Diamond Head (Leahi). Fast forward 50 years and Komer has created a legacy. Leahi Swim School is Hawaii’s premier private swim school and has taught thousands of people, from keiki to kupuna, how to swim. The business continues in the Komer name with Lori’s son, Ben, as the company’s president. Read about Leahi Swim School's history and future.

new lease on life

The need for organ donations is great. For those waiting for a transplant, it's a matter of life or death. Here's a kidney recipient who's grateful for a second chance in life thanks to the generosity of a donor.

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