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art and soul

No matter its form, art is an expression of the soul. Here, three local artists share their craft, how they find inspiration, and why they consider art the greatest representation of aloha.

a guy with ikigai

Losing his dad at a young age motivates Kelvin Chun to make the most of every day. He embraced the Okinawan concept of ikigai, living with purpose. Read about how he fills his life with physical and social activities that have led to meaningful experiences and connections.

lanai's feline paradise

We’ve all taken a cat nap, but how about a nap among more than 650 cats? That’s just another day at Lanai Cat Sanctuary. Read about how LCS provides a safe, caring home for the island’s free-roaming cats and works with conservationists to preserve marine life and protected birds.

giving back is a family affair

Time is precious for Chastity “Chas” Tadani who juggles a high-pressure job, nine kids, and a local celebrity husband. Find out Chas’ secret to staying active, spending quality time with her children, and giving back to the community all at the same time.

adventures in mindfulness

What does mindfulness mean to you? You may be surprised to hear that mindfulness is what you make it. Josh Ellis, founder of Maui Mindful Adventures, is making mindfulness accessible to people who typically wouldn’t be interested in it or able to practice.

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