fit at 50: a fitness journey

David Frickman
January 24, 2023

It’s never too late to start. Just ask Tammy-Ann Freitas.

Finding motivation
As she turned 50, the membership services representative at the HMSA Employees’ Federal Credit Union began a fitness journey to become a new, healthier version of herself. Freitas says her motivation came from watching a friend recover from heart surgery.

“I couldn’t believe that this man just had heart failure with a body looking so fit as his,” she says. “Remarkably, he still pushed and was so disciplined to train and work out after his surgery. It was so inspiring and it gave me the motivation and drive to start my fitness journey. I told myself that if he can do it with a heart condition, there’s no excuse for a healthy person such as myself not to give a try.”

Tammy-Ann Freitas and her friend Randy, who "gave me the inspiration."

Starting slow
But like so many who want to start a training program, that first step in June of last year wasn’t easy. “I was intimidated to start training at any gym,” Freitas says. “You always see these fit and sculpted bodies there.

“But I came to realize that I wasn’t there for anyone else but for me, myself, and I. It was that mentality and frame of mind that pushed me to overcome my insecurities and finally sign up at the HMSA fitness center.”

Freitas struggled for the first couple of months trying to find a productive workout routine. “My initial training workouts were confusing and complicated. I remember running all over the gym trying to work out on all the various types of machines and getting no results.”

Finding a groove
A friend’s advice helped her get on track. “He advised me to focus on certain muscle groups on certain days,” Freitas says. Now, she focuses on her back and biceps on Mondays, chest and biceps on Tuesdays, legs and glutes on Wednesdays, and shoulders on Fridays. Thursdays and weekends are rest days.

“I find myself wanting to train constantly,” she says. “It’s such an empowering feeling.”

Freitas says training gives her "an empowering feeling."

Reaping the benefits
And Freitas says the seven months of training produced life-changing results.

“I don’t struggle anymore to walk up three flights of stairs to my apartment,” she says. “I remember struggling every day in the past. I also can go to the beach and enjoy swimming in my bikini. I was insecure and self-conscious about wearing a bikini. Not anymore.”

Freitas says the best time to start your fitness journey is now.

“I encourage everyone to start whether they’re 21 or 51. I started when I turned 50 and will continue to get healthier and thrive.”

More motivation
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Photos courtesy Tammy-Ann Freitas.

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