Well-Being Rocks: Food Safety Every Day

Jamie Nakasone
Fernando Pacheco
September 12, 2016

September is National Food Safety Education Month, which is dedicated to preventing
food-borne illness and promoting safe food handling practices. And this time, our staff
thought you all might enjoy something entirely different from the usual blog.

Can education be fun and informative at the same time? You bet it can! And to prove it,
we've gathered some food safety tips in a groovy little package called Well-Being Rocks.   

In case you miss the tips because you're too busy chuckling and tapping your feet, we
listed them here for you:

-  Wash your hands with soap before preparing your food.
-  Read food labels for proper storage and handling.
-  Use insulated bags to transport perishable food.
-  If you bring home lunch to work, keep your food properly chilled. If available, use
the refrigerator and microwave at your workplace.
-  Don't reuse disposable storage bags.

For more information and tips on food safety, visit www.foodsafety.gov.

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