wait – don’t die yet!

Marlene Nakamoto
February 02, 2023

Nobody likes to think about dying. The number of people who plan for their death is only slightly higher. Annette Kam is on a mission to increase that number. 

“You may not like to think about it, but avoiding it won’t solve the problems that you or your loved ones leave behind,” says Kam. 

Wait – Don’t Die Yet! is the arresting title of the book she wrote after settling her father-in-law’s affairs after he died. The book’s subtitle sums up its contents: “A complete guide to all things no one really wants to think about (but everyone needs to know) before, during, and after a loved one’s passing.”

In 2018, Kam was a retired nurse when “Dad” fell in his bedroom. While in the hospital, he developed pneumonia and died about a week later. Dad always took care of everything, which meant that “Mom” couldn’t simply take over. Everything fell to Kam. 

Although Dad kept his important papers fairly organized, Kam quickly discovered that there were so many loose ends. For example, she found out that it’s imperative to have more than one authorized person on utility accounts. “Dealing with one of them was a nightmare,” she says. Kam points out that seemingly small things, like labeling keys, are also important.

When Mom passed about two years after Dad, Kam had to deal with another learning curve. “There was a whole new set of issues,” she says. 

She could have written a straightforward guide, but believes that sharing her personal experiences will impact more people. “When people read my book, they’ll see what I went through and understand why I want to help others. 

“My book is a starting point to get your affairs in order,” says Kam. “Think about what you’re leaving behind for your adult children, your spouse, or other family members.

“Preparation is key. Start now.”

Get the book. Now.
Visit Kam's website and order the free e-book. 

Kindle, paperback, and hardcover books are available for purchase at Amazon

The book includes a printable guidebook that includes sections to record financial, medical, and other information. The guidebook is also available as a fillable PDF, which is a free download at annettekam.com. 

An additional blessing
Currently, with 10,000 downloads of the e-book, Kam is gratified that her message of preparing for the inevitable is reaching more and more people. She’s especially grateful that her message reached one special person. 

We featured Wait – Don’t Die Yet! in the spring 2022 issue of Island Scene. One HMSA member, Jeannette Kaneshiro, read the article and ordered the book. In Kam’s words, “Jeannette was flabbergasted to see the photo of the person (i.e., Alice Kam) she’d been looking for for years.” Kaneshiro contacted Annette Kam and arranged for a meet-up.

Annette Kam (center) says it was "a miracle" that Jeannette Kaneshiro found her through her book. Husband Peter Kam also enjoys Jeannette's friendship.

In 1951, Kaneshiro was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Robert and Alice Kam, Annette’s in-laws. 

“Because of the article, Jeannette found closure and was able to pay her respects at the cemetery,” says Kam. “She also provided us with invaluable information about my mother-in-law and the woman who adopted her (i.e., Kam’s husband’s grandmother). 

“I never knew that my retirement years would be so fulfilling by motivating others to get their affairs in order,” adds Kam. “One of my greatest rewards is being contacted by my mother-in-law’s childhood friend, who’s now my friend 83 years later. I’m so grateful to Island Scene for believing in my mission and changing two lives in the process.”

Annette Kam is available for in-person or virtual group presentations. She doesn’t charge a fee. Email her at buckwun@aol.com or call 808-454-7871.

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