meet me at the barre

Michelle Regan
September 25, 2018


There’s a new workout popping up across Hawaii—barre. It’s named after the horizontal bar that ballet students use for support. Classes are a lot more than just dance. A typical class combines traditional body weight training with toning moves from ballet, yoga, and Pilates. The result is a workout that’s low-impact yet works muscle groups to the point of fatigue. This workout isn’t for everyone, though. If you’re looking heart-pumping cardio, this isn’t your jam. But don’t be fooled … barre is harder than it looks. You’ll stretch, pulse, and contract. And you’ll feel the results the next day.

Here’s what a few students have to say:


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Want to try it? HMSA members can save on barre classes at Pure Barre at Kahala Mall with HMSA365.

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