it’s electric! tour kaimuki's street art

Lynn Shizumura
July 09, 2019

Looking for something different to do this summer? Grab a cup of iced coffee and walk through Kaimuki to see how local artists have transformed traffic signal boxes into works of art. You’ll find most of the boxes along Waialae Avenue, but there are a few harder-to-find boxes on Harding and Koko Head Avenues.

Jennifer Noel, a Kaimuki resident who loves art and bringing people together, started the streetARThawaii project to help beautify the neighborhood and give artists another way to showcase their work. The artists have different styles and themes, so you’ll see something new on every box. Here’s a look at two of the boxes and the artists behind them.

Artist: Yvonne Manipon
Style: Manipon is a plein air painter, which means she paints outdoors.
Inspiration: Manipon’s box features outrigger canoes and sailboats, which she originally painted in Waikiki. “I wanted to share a sense of place, vibrancy, action, joy, and exuberance about this special place where we live,” she says.
Where to find it: Waialae Avenue and 6th Avenue, across the street from Sacred Hearts Academy.

Artist: Michelle Tamayose
Style: Tamayose is an art teacher who specializes in drawing and painting. 
Inspiration: Tamayose painted plumerias on her box because she has happy childhood memories of the fragrant flower. “I included wind, water, and air elements that weave and blend into each other,” she says. “I love hearing viewers’ interpretation and perspective of my box. It’s always so interesting!”
Where to find it: Waialae Avenue and 4th Avenue, near the entrance of Saint Louis School and Chaminade University.

To learn more and see more art boxes, go to

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