high intensity interval training

Craig DeSilva
Fernando Pacheco
April 01, 2019

Want to burn a lot of calories fast in a short amount of time? Try high intensity interval training (HIIT). A few minutes of brief, intense exercise can be as effective as an hour of walking or jogging. But be careful if you’re doing a HIIT workout for the first time.

“Many people get injured or are overwhelmed by the exercises, so they get discouraged and quit,” says George Ma, a certified personal trainer at Lifestyle Fitness Training in Iwilei. “Find a workout that’s effective, but also safe for your age and fitness level.”

Many HIIT workouts are designed for experienced athletes. “The workout should get your heart rate up, but is also easy on your joints, such as cycling, swimming, or box fit,” he adds.

Here are some suggestions for a safe, effective HIIT workout:

  • Take a class. A certified personal trainer can help you do the exercises properly to prevent injury. And exercising with other people can be fun and motivating.
  • Set expectations. Tell your trainer about your goals and limitations so they can customize exercises for your fitness level.
  • Monitor your heart rate. Use a fitness tracker you can wear like a watch.
  • Listen to your body. “Stop if you’re feeling pain or if you’re puke-out-the-door tired,” says Ma.

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