Escape Rooms: Exercise for Your Brain

Jamie Nakasone
April 22, 2016

By Fernando Pacheco and Jamie Nakasone

Got a group of friends and a passion for challenging your brain? Escape rooms may be the thing for you.

Here’s how it works. You’re locked in a room with your friends, coworkers, or whoever you brought along with you. You have 60 minutes to practice your team skills – find clues, put them together, and complete your mission. Sound easy? It’s not. But it’s fun as heck.

The exercise is good for your brain and for those skills you need to be a well-rounded human being, such as communication and being a team player.

Escape rooms are spreading across the country and have recently hit Oahu. So we decided to put the Well-Being Hawaii team to the test. Did they make it out in time? Watch and find out.

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