DIY Dog Toy for National Dog Day

Michelle Sullivan
August 23, 2018

Do you enjoy long walks on the beach? How about a rowdy game of fetch? Or maybe just running in circles fast as you can? How do you feel about sharing a pupaccino with your best friend?

If any of this sounds like a dream come true, this post is for you.

Sunday is National Dog Day. But what do you get the dog who has everything? A DIY tug toy, of course! This easy toy is made with nothing more than old t-shirts and lots of love.

DIY Tug Toy

1 old t-shirt (or several if you want a multi-color toy)

Cut shirt into three-inch strips.

Choose three strips and tie them together in a tight knot at one end. Leave a little fringe for maximum doggie enjoyment. For power chewers, double up your strips.

Braid your strips together by bringing the left outside strip to the middle then the right outside strip to the middle. Repeat this process until you have about six inches left unbraided.

Tie another tight knot, leaving some fun fringe on the end.

Enjoy your doggo’s borks of excitement when you break out his or her new toy at play time!

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