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leaders on the rise

What would you do if you were in charge? Students in the YMCA Youth and Government program get to rule the state Capitol and find out what it's like to effect change in their communities and themselves.

keeping island time

The Waimānalo Library tried to start a community ‘ukulele class for years. They held one well-attended class a few years ago but couldn’t find a steady instructor. That changed a few months ago when Music For Life Foundation donated several ‘ukulele for the library to loan out, just like they do with books.

work it

Making a professional change mid-career can be daunting. But both Junie and Lisa didn't let that stop them for pursuing their true calling. Read their inspirational journeys that led them to happiness and self-fulfillment.

sign preservation

Linda Lambrecht was born deaf. When she was about 6 months old, she began learning Hawaii Sign Language, or HSL. There are as few as 10 users right now, but efforts are underway at the University of Hawaii at Manoa to make sure that HSL is never lost.

handle with care

Shayna Hu thinks she might like to be a pediatrician but hasn’t decided yet. She spends her time volunteering with the Hawaii H.O.M.E. Project at the Joint Outreach Center in Chinatown. Medical students and volunteers like Hu walk the neighborhood to help homeless men and women.

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