recycled container gardening

Fernando Pacheco
April 22, 2019

Have you ever had that little voice in your head give you a guilty feeling when you toss something in the trash?

“I’m sure it could be reused for something else.”

But alas, you don’t have any ideas and don’t want to become one of those hoarders you see on TV. So, to the landfill it goes.

Start Recycling
One of easiest ways to recycle items is to use them for gardening. With some creativity and modification, everyday items can be used to house a plant. Container gardening makes it possible for those of us with the smallest of spaces to have plants. These containers are great for everything from low-maintenance succulents to your favorite herbs.

To save some landfill space, get into the healthy habit of trying these recycling ideas for your container garden. Apologies in advance for the puns.

Have a can-do attitude. Clean out those empty soup cans and remove the label. Use a hammer and nail to create drainage holes at the bottom. Fill the can with potting soil and insert your plant or seedling.

Bottle it up. Rinse out an empty soda bottle and remove the label. Cut the bottle in half and remove the top half. Use a hammer and nail to create holes under the bottom half for drainage. Fill it with potting soil to give your plant a new home.

Find your sole purpose. Take a pair of old shoes and remove the insoles. Drill or nail holes in the bottom of the shoes to allow for drainage. Fill them with potting soil for a lucky pair of plants.

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