Pantry-friendly Pumpkin Curry

Lynn Shizumura
October 19, 2017

Halloween is right around the corner. If you're looking for a festive way to switch up your weekday meals, try this healthy pumpkin curry. It's a plant-based recipe that uses many ingredients you may already have and a few you might not.

Remember to rinse your lentils (I did this ahead of time) and allow them to simmer in the curry for as long as the package recommends. If you don't like a strong kick, skip the chili pepper. You'll still have a nice amount of heat from the ground cayenne pepper and you won't need to use as much honey. Best of all, this recipe comes together in one pot so cleaning up is easy. 

Pantry-friendly Pumpkin Curry
Adapted from The Vegan Table 
Serves 8 to 10

• 1 cup dried lentils, rinsed
• 3 cups water for cooking and 2 Tbsp. water for sautéing
• 2 medium-sized yellow onions, finely chopped 
• 4 pieces of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced 
• 2 cloves of garlic, minced
• 1 14 oz. can coconut milk 
• 2 15 oz. cans pumpkin purée 
• 2 tsp. curry powder
• 1/4 tsp. ground cayenne pepper 
• (For extra spice) 2 small pieces of chili pepper, seeds removed
• 2 Tbsp. honey
• 1 Tbsp. salt 

Heat two tablespoons of water in a pot. Add onions, garlic, and ginger and cook until onions are translucent (about six minutes). 

Add lentils, remaining three cups of water, pumpkin purée, coconut milk, curry powder, cayenne, and chili pepper. Cook over low to medium heat for 30 to 40 minutes – stirring occasionally – until lentils soften but retain their texture. 

Add honey and salt. Remove chili peppers. Serve over basmati or jasmine rice.

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