making a difference: coach michelle "bud" nagamine

Michael Stollar
September 27, 2018

There are so many reasons why we're lucky we live in Hawaii. The physical beauty of our islands, the remarkable cultural diversity, and the way it impacts how we relate to one another. I'm especially grateful for those people who make a difference in our community each and every day.

Not only do we have great and generous leaders, they're tremendous teachers, who inspire us to do more. It's why I'm devoting this column to shining a light on Hawaii's exceptional leaders. 

Being a leader means having the courage to make things better. Like University of Hawaii head soccer coach Michelle "Bud" Nagamine. She'a a seven-time Interscholastic League of Honolulu coach of the year, five-time Hawaii state coach of the year, founder of the nonprofit Aloha Sports Network, and a former small business owner. I had the privilege of talking with Nagamine about success, failure, and making a difference.

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