lifting: tips for two

David Frickman
January 03, 2019

You’re not Thanos.

Sometimes things are too heavy, too bulky, or too far away from their final resting place to carry by yourself. So grab a partner to help. But when you do, don’t ignore proper lifting technique. There’s a right way and a wrong way to lift and carry items in tandem.

Blake and Karen Choo are Mililani movers who’ve been working together for a few years. They know the tips and tricks for successfully moving large items together and share some of them in this video.

Along with proper lifting technique, they say the key to a successful dual lift is communication. “You need to notify the person of upcoming dangers,” says Blake. “If one person is walking backwards, the other person will have to call out things like a step or something hanging on the wall that we need to be aware of.”

Karen adds that you can’t just stop and put your end of the object down if you get tired. “If I can’t handle the object any more, I need to tell him that we should put it down together and rest.”


Read Blake and Karen’s basic tips for proper lifting—especially as you get older—in the winter 2019 issue of Island Scene magazine.

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