lgbtq+-affirming providers in hawaii

Michelle Regan
December 29, 2020


More than 35,000 adults in Hawaii identify as LGBTQ+, or sexual and gender minorities (SGMs). Unfortunately, these adults experience worse health outcomes as a result of the social stigma and discrimination they face. Navigating the health care system can be particularly stressful. Many LGBTQ+ patients face institutional silence, lack of knowledge, rejection, and providers who refuse to treat them. It’s no wonder they’re less likely to get care when they need it.

Luckily, Hawaii’s SGM Workgroup has compiled a directory of providers who create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ patients. This list includes providers that aren’t in HMSA’s network, so remember to use the Find a Doctor tool to check whether the provider you’d like to see is in our network before making an appointment.

Sexual and Gender Minority Provider Directory


Apply to be added to the SGM provider directory.

Read stories in the winter 2021 issue of Island Scene of LGBTQ+ community members navigating the health care system and what some providers are doing to help.

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