hmsa and cvs bring heart health education to the community

Marvin Buenconsejo
Courtney Takabayashi
July 09, 2024

It was a quiet Saturday morning in Pearl City. Yet by 8:59 a.m., there was a line forming outside the HMSA Center in the Pearl City Gateway. They were the eager participants of Healthy Heart, Healthy You, an educational workshop held by HMSA and CVS aka Longs Drugs.

A hidden gem
Joann Taula, manager of the HMSA Center at Pearl City, isn’t surprised by the buzz of excitement from the attendees. “We’re collaborating with our drug partner, CVS, to bring the community this health education workshop about hypertension,” she says. “We’re so excited because today’s class is filled!”

Even though the center has been open for nearly 11 years, members are often surprised when they find out it exists. “We need to get the word out about what we do here,” says Taula. “One member who lives nearby called us a ‘hidden’ gem because she was so happy to be able to come in and talk to us in real life.”

Taula in the HMSA Center at Pearl City sharing information. 

Taula encourages members to drop by the center if they have questions about HMSA or their plan, or want an extra copy of Island Scene magazine. “We love getting to know the folks who visit us,” she says. “They can pay their premiums or, if they’re thinking about retiring, they can learn about the plans we offer. We’re truly honored to be a part of this community and will do everything we can to help anyone who walks through our doors.”

Part of the community
Born and raised in Mililani, Erika Ruiz is also passionate about helping the community. As a pharmacy manager who’s been with CVS for 24 years, Ruiz has dedicated her career to community pharmacy. “It’s rewarding to be able to answer questions and help people understand how to take their medications,” Ruiz says. “If they know what to expect when they’re on medications, it increases the chances that they’ll continue taking them.”

Ruiz (right) presenting at the Healthy Heart, Healthy You workshop. 

Ruiz appreciates the partnership between CVS and HMSA. “Through HMSA, we’re able to connect with so many patients and help ensure that they understand how to take their medications,” she says. “Plus, holding workshops about important health topics like hypertension helps keep the community healthy and informed. That’s the best part of my job.”

Healthy heart, healthy you
The workshop led by Ruiz was packed with useful, practical information including:

  • Understanding high blood pressure.
  • The consequences of elevated blood pressure.
  • Healthy aging: Brain health and blood pressure.
  • Knowing your blood pressure numbers.
  • Steps to control and maintain blood pressure.
  • Knowing your blood pressure medications and over-the-counter medications.

Attendees even got their own blood pressure monitor to practice on at the workshop and take home.

Workshop participants learning how to use their new blood pressure machines.

For more information about health education workshops or to sign up for classes, visit HMSA’s website or check out the events on Workshops cover a variety of well-being topics, like nutrition, physical activity and exercise, stress management, and more. Workshops are held in person and online!

Check out highlights from the workshop:

For hours, locations, and phone numbers of the HMSA Centers in Hilo, Honolulu, Kahului, Lihue, and Pearl City, visit

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