hawaiian style music jam

Craig DeSilva
Fernando Pacheco
April 01, 2019

You feel like you belong. The closeness you can feel. The smiles that are real.

We are friends.

If you feel like singing, sing out loud.

If it’ll make you feel good, just sing right out.

Being part of it all, we can work it out.

We are friends. 

—Cecilio & Kapono


The strumming of the ukulele. A golden falsetto voice. A local twist on the reggae beat.

Hawaiian music can relax our bodies and clear our minds. It sparks memories of places we’ve been to and people we love. And if you can enjoy it with friends, the music sounds all the better.

Here are a bunch of buddies who kani ka pila during pau hana in an office in the historic Dillingham Transportation Building in downtown Honolulu. It’s an appropriate place for their monthly get-togethers. It’s the site of the old Territorial Tavern, home to Hawaii’s great entertainers during the 1960s and 70s like Booga Booga, the Beamer Brothers, and Sunday Manoa. 

Brant Chillingworth, a program officer at Hauoli Mau Loa Foundation, and Beau Bassett, an attorney at Pitluck Kido & Aipa, work in the building. They invite other friends who sing and play music as a way to unwind from the work week. They enjoy good tunes, good vibes, and lots of laughs.

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