finding love in hawaii

Courtney Takabayashi
February 13, 2019

The idea of falling in love in Hawaii may seem cinematic. You meet a cutie at a farmers market, go hiking on your first date, and eventually say “I do” at your sunset wedding on the beach. But, dating in Hawaii can be challenging. We’re an isolated population. A lot of people living here are transient. Plus, with the high cost of living, it’s not uncommon for residents to work long hours or hold multiple jobs.

What’s a single person to do? Consider online dating. We hear a lot of horror stories but there are successes, too. Take Maggie, a single mom in her early 30s. She was happy with her job, taking care of her son, and hanging out with friends but she thought it would be nice to find someone who fit into her life. So she signed up for a couple of dating apps. And after a few misses, she got a hit: John. “I found a good guy,” Maggie says. “So I think there’s hope for everyone.”

Here are a few tips from Maggie for finding love online:

Know what you want. Maggie had standards. She wanted a relationship, not a one-night stand. And this man had to be a match for both her and her son. “He has to be a good guy, nice, and caring. He also has to understand that I have a son and my son will always come first.” Maggie says that John has a daughter, so he’s in a similar situation. “We’re both parents. He gets it.”

But be open-minded. Maggie admits she has a type. She swiped right on a certain type of guy and went on bad dates until her friends intervened. They took her phone, browsed the app, and stopped on a local boy’s profile proclaiming, “This guy is cute.” Maggie took a look. He was younger than she was used to and he wasn't her type. But she had to admit he was cute. So she decided to give John a shot. And her open mind led to a full heart.

Have reasonable expectations. When Maggie started talking to John, she wasn’t expecting him to be the love of her life. She didn’t put any pressure on herself or him for the perfect relationship. So when they instantly clicked, she was pleasantly surprised. John was different from the other guys Maggie had met online. “I felt like he really respected me.” Eventually, it felt like they’d known each other for years.

Have fun. It’s easy to get so caught up in how you look, what the other person’s thinking, and how the date’s going that you forget to enjoy yourself. To make sure she remembered to stay lighthearted and to make sure her potential suitors did, too, Maggie had “Let’s have fun and adventure” on her profile. And that they do. Maggie appreciates John’s laid-back personality and ability not to overthink things. She knows that whenever they spend time together, they’ll have a good time.

In the end, Maggie knows how challenging it is to find someone special, especially in Hawaii. “I thank my lucky swipe for John,” she says. So to everyone looking for love, Maggie recommends being patient. “Anything can happen like it did for me.” 

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