Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Treats

Lynelle Fox
October 25, 2016

“Mom, I forgot to tell you that I need to bring a treat to school tomorrow.”

Say what?

I'm sure many moms and dads have experienced this conversation with their children before. For some of us, this is a common occurrence. But don't panic - we still have time to wave our magic wands and turn out a bunch of super quick and easy Halloween treats that will be absolutely awesome and healthy, too. You will believe you really do have a little magic in you!

I'll share with you two easy DIY Halloween treats that you can literally turn out in minutes. Don't forget to recruit the kids; with their help it'll be done in a snap.


Mummified Fruits

What you’ll need:
•  Rolled gauze bandage
•  Scissors
•  Non-toxic glue
•  Googley eyes
•  Fruits (choose hardy fruits such as bananas, apples, pears, etc.)


Step 1: Wrap

Choose a fruit and begin wrapping it with the gauze bandage.



Step 2: Tuck

When properly wrapped, cut and tuck the end of the gauze to secure.


Step 3: Finish

Glue on the eyes and you’re done!




Pumpkin Cuties (Oranges)
What you’ll need:
•  Orange tissue paper (10 x 10 – or large enough to cover your fruit)
•  Black paper
•  Non-toxic glue
•  Scissors
•  Green pipe cleaners or curling ribbon
•  Cutie mandarins or small oranges



Step 1: Wrap

Place your orange on a piece of orange tissue paper. Cinch it at the top and twist. 



Step 2: Secure

Secure with a pipe cleaner or ribbon. Curl. Cut off excess tissue at the top.


Step 3: Finish

Cut out eyes, nose, and mouth pieces. Secure with glue and you’re done!


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