pineapple jack-o-lantern

Moani Wright-Van Alst
October 29, 2018

Don’t have your Halloween pumpkin yet? Luckily, there’s an alternative that grows in Hawaii year round and can be found at nearly every major grocery store: pineapple! Pineapples’ spiky exterior make for a spook-tacular experience and you can reserve the fruit to eat, throw in a smoothie, or make one of your favorite pineapple recipes.



  • 1 pineapple


Turn pineapple to its side. Carefully cut out a rectangle and remove. Save the piece for later. This is now the back of your pineapple jack-o-lantern.

Cut out the inside of the pineapple and remove. Be sure to leave the exterior thick enough (about 1 inch) to hold the weight of the pineapple top.

Pat the inside dry with paper towels.

Draw a face on the front of your pineapple and cut it out.

Place flameless lights or glow sticks inside.

Replace the back of the pineapple and you’re pau.


Tip: If you have a pineapple corer, cut off the top of the pineapple, core the pineapple, and then draw and cut out the face.

Note: This is not something that young keiki can help with.

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