Move Naturally: Make Time to Move

Mari-Ela Chock
May 31, 2016

What if you could burn calories without even thinking about it? You can! Think back to when you were a kid constantly on the go - you just moved for the sheer fun of it. Movement was part of everyday play, whether it was climbing trees, swimming at the beach, jumping in puddles, or just plain running to feel the wind on your face.

Find what you enjoy and do it! To be a longevity super-star, you don’t have to sign up for a gym membership, run marathons, or compete in ultra-endurance events. Instead, build activities that you like to do into your lifestyle, whether it’s riding your bike, chasing your kids, walking the dog, swimming, or anything else you enjoy. If you like an activity, you’re much more likely to keep it up, well into your golden years.

In fact, Blue Zones® researchers discovered that many of the world’s oldest and healthiest people engage in low-intensity activities on a daily basis. Shepherds in Sardinia hike many miles a day for most of their lives, while Okinawans garden for hours every day to grow food for their tables. Adventists in Loma Linda, California – another Blue Zones area – take long walks. The key is to engage in low-intensity activity most days of the week. Residents living in the original Blue Zones areas share common principles called Power 9®—these are healthy lifestyle habits that help them live longer, healthier, happier lives. Moving naturally is one of them.

Try these 10 simple steps to get moving without thinking about it

Test Your Movement IQ:

You can enjoy the same health benefits from three 10-minute physical activity sessions as you can from one 30-minute session.

a. True

b. False

The correct answer is: a. True. Studies show that three 10-minute sessions of physical activity are just as beneficial as one 30-minute session. If time is tight, split your activity into at least three 10-minute sessions throughout the day. You will enjoy the same health benefits without the stress of trying to find one large block of time. Get into the habit of being active for 30 minutes (60 minutes is ideal) a day for at least five days per week.

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