meet hawaii’s real-life ghostbuster

Craig DeSilva
October 30, 2018

Whether it’s the faceless woman of the Waialae Drive-in Theater, the ghost at Morgan’s Corner in Nuuanu, or a flicker of light in Queen Liliuokalani’s bedroom at Iolani Palace, Hawaii is home to lots of ghost stories. We love to tell them and hear about them … especially on Halloween.

Security guards and people working late at night at the State Capitol have smelled Gov. John Burns’ cigar in hallways. Visitors to Makua Cave have heard echoes of a child laughing, supposedly from a girl who was murdered there.

But are these stories true or just spooky chicken-skin tales?

We asked a real-life local ghostbuster. For almost 10 years, Gabriel Del Aragon of Spooky Kine Investigations has been helping clients explain the unexplainable. Del Aragon uses his knowledge and experience along with audio and video equipment to capture paranormal activity in people’s homes and elsewhere.

Many times the house calls don’t turn up anything. But Del Aragon has heard his share of ghost stories over the years and has experienced some things, too.

Have you seen a night marcher or menehune? Tell us your Hawaii ghost story in the comments below.

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