hmsa supports island vaccination clinics

Allison Valdez
February 01, 2023

Hawaii’s battle against the COVID-19 pandemic recently reached a major milestone.

Two mass vaccination clinics are now open on Oahu, signaling what local leaders hope is the "beginning of the end" of this coronavirus crisis.

“We're celebrating the opening of the Queen's Health Systems mass vaccination center. This is a public-private partnership between the private sector and the government to deliver vaccinations to as many of the population as we can starting with people age 75 and older,” says Dr. Mark Mugiishi, HMSA President and CEO.

Local leaders hope two new mass vaccination clinics will help end the coronavirus pandemic.

Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi and State Speaker of the House Scott Saiki were among the dignitaries on hand touring the clinic at the Blaisdell Concert Hall.

“We all know that kupuna have had the most devastating impact from COVID. And the more we can prevent that, the faster we can do that, the safer we can be a healthy community. I truly appreciate the support from HMSA. From the beginning of this pandemic, you have been a true partner and you’re providing the support at our call centers. So kupuna who may not be comfortable getting online to register are talking to one of your team members and getting great support to getting their vaccination fast,” says Jill Hoggard Green, Queen’s Systems president and CEO.

Hawaii Pacific Health opened their mass vaccination clinic at Pier 2 in Honolulu Harbor.

HMSA’s call center team is also boosting vaccination efforts at Honolulu Harbor, where Hawaii Pacific Health has established its clinic at Pier 2. Both sites hope to ramp up vaccinations and immunize most of the state by summer. HPH says additional clinics are being planned in the coming weeks.

“We’re super excited about this. This is a really big deal for our community. I don't think there’s a greater step forward that we can make in the recovery of public health to the people of Hawaii than to set up this vaccination center,” says Raymond Vara, Hawaii Pacific Health president and CEO.

The first task is protecting our most vulnerable residents and essential workers. Between their vaccine clinics and permanent facilities, Queen’s and Hawaii Pacific Health have already immunized more than 30,000 people statewide.

“Queens, Hawaii Pacific health, HMSA — we all have the same goal, the same mission, the same purpose. It's to improve the health of Hawaii. And so when we come together to do this, we're doing the ultimate and improving the health of Hawaii. We’re wiping out a pandemic,” says Dr. Mugiishi.

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