Why You Should Use Your Dental Plan

Dr. Baleix and Dr. Lewando
November 30, 2017

Most adults have a dental plan but many don’t actually use it. With HMSA dental plans, members get preventive dental care at low or no additional cost, which includes a cleaning and check-up every six months. Regular appointments give your dental provider the chance to catch potential problems before they become expensive and painful.

Your body only makes one set of adult teeth; the goal is to make them last a lifetime. Preventive maintenance like cleanings, X-rays, and dental exams can help reduce tooth decay, infection, bacteria and unpleasant odors that could become problematic if left untreated. Our bodies run like machines. They need fuel to operate, and scheduled maintenance to operate well. You take the time to get an oil change on your car to ensure it runs properly, why wouldn’t you do the same for your oral health?

Preventive oral care is especially important for people with chronic conditions:

  • Preventive dental care helps people with diabetes better manage sugar levels.
  • People diagnosed with heart disease or who have suffered a stroke receive significant benefits from routine cleanings. Bacteria from gum disease can get into the bloodstream causing plaque to build up in the arteries.
  • People diagnosed with oral cancer or Sjӧgren’s syndrome can reduce bacteria in the mouth that can leak into the bloodstream, causing various complications.
  • Pregnant women are susceptible to pregnancy gingivitis which has been linked to low birth weight and premature births.
  • Regular cleanings and non-surgical periodontal treatments help to control inflammation of the gum tissue, which is a risk factor for those with diabetes, heart disease, stroke, oral cancer, Sjӧgren’s syndrome and pregnancy. 

If you or someone you know has one of these conditions and an HMSA dental plan, be sure to check out the Oral Health for Total Health program at: www.hmsa.com/dental and click on Oral Health for Total Health.

A significant number of dental benefits go unused and underutilized every year. You deserve to be treated better than your car.  Make time to take advantage of the benefits offered within your dental plan.

Need assistance finding a dentist?  We make it easy for you.  Click here to find a dentist in your network that can provide you with the dental services you need.

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