Quick and Easy Tissue Paper Flower Favors

Lynelle Fox
August 09, 2015

Did you make tissue paper flowers in grade school?  I recall loving them so much because they were always bright and colorful. However, as my mom would say, they were nothing more than “dust collectors.”  Rest assured, I’ve found a purpose for those pretty puffs of paper.  Turn these flowers into wonderful little favors or treats, simple enough for the entire family to make.  In four easy steps, you can quickly turn out a bouquet or garden in no time!

What you’ll need:
• Two 10” x 10” squares of tissue paper
• Ribbon
• Lollipop
• Scissors

Step 1: Fold
Layer the two pieces of tissue paper on each other and fold in half, twice. You should now have a 5” x 5” square. Next, fold on the diagonal twice. Ensure that the “tip” is actually the center of the tissue paper.


Step 2: Cut
Cut the wide end of the folded paper on a curve. Snip a tiny bit off of the tip. You should now be left with two round scalloped circles with a hole in the center.

Step 3: Bind
Take one of the circle sheets and insert the lollipop into the hole.  Gather the tissue around the pop.  Take your second sheet and repeat.  Secure with the ribbon.

Step 4: Fluff
Fluff and you’re done! A festive flower favor, stem included.

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