Making Healthy Choices at Work

Mari-Ela Chock
January 25, 2017

Imagine a place where people feel excited about what they do. Where they’re engaged and active together and it’s easy to refuel in healthy ways. It’s possible in your workplace and your community. 

You may have heard about the original Blue Zones®—places where people live longer, with a higher quality of life and lower rates of disease. Blue Zones Project® leverages findings about these places and other well-being research to create new Blue Zones Communities® across the U.S. This unique, systematic approach touches people, places, and policy to support the natural, widespread adoption of powerfully healthy behaviors. In these environments, healthy and easy become one and the same.

Rewarding Transformations

Worksites are a vital part of Blue Zones Communities. Employers play a key role in Blue Zones Project by shaping the workplace environment to support health and, in turn, improve productivity, decrease turnover, and reduce healthcare costs. Business leaders are in a powerful position to dramatically improve employees’ well-being.

Here’s a list of some simple, yet effective best practices to create an optimal workplace environment:

Encourage stretch breaks every hour

Designate a quiet space for employees to down shift or meditate

Create an employee garden and offer plant-based cooking classes

Promote walking by encouraging the use of stairs, distributing walking maps, and forming walking teams

Allow flexible work schedules for all employees

Offer onsite biometric screenings and health-risk assessments

Design health benefits that promote prevention

Put Blue Zones Project to Work at Your Worksite

We spend many waking hours at work. Day after day at work presents a new opportunity to encourage positive well-being transformation. The impact employers have on their human resources transcends the walls of an office building and into the community. 

Blue Zones Project Approved™ Worksites in Hawaii:

Castle Medical Center

Hawaii First Federal Credit Union - East & North

KTA Super Stores - Waimea, Keawe, Puainako

Seagull Schools - Ko Olina, Kailua, Kapolei, Ocean Pointe, & Downtown Honolulu

USDA Rural Development

Windward Community College

Windward Oahu Public Health Nursing Section

Plus more than 80 worksites registered to become Blue Zones Project Approved

Join the Movement

Are you ready to help your company and your community by creating work environments that promote and sustain well-being? Email Blue Zones or visit to learn more about making the healthy choice the easy choice at your worksite.

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