Jumping on the Hydroflask Bandwagon

Fernando Pacheco
April 25, 2016

Lately, my approach to health has been small steps - seeing what’s realistic and attainable. I tried taking the recommended 10,000 steps a day. Unfortunately, taking the time for an extra walk didn’t agree with my schedule of balancing four jobs. But could I work more steps into my day by taking the stairs? Absolutely. You see what I mean? Baby steps.

The next step for me was to drink more water. I used to drink water all the time. Nowadays, it’s coffee during the day and wine at night – in moderation, of course. I began purchasing bottled water with lunch, but the plastic bottles were piling up. Sure, the bottles can be recycled, but as my friend Jack Johnson says, those plastic caps can’t be. I’ve tried to reuse those disposable bottles by refilling them. Have you tried filling that narrow mouth in a water fountain? It’s messy and before you know it, you’re the guy in the office responsible for that wet spot on the floor.

I look up from my puddle and I see co-workers carrying around these colorful water bottles in a variety of sizes and designs. Most are the highly coveted Hydroflask, but there are other brands such as Fifty/Fifty and Tiger. Although they look different, they all have similar insulation to keep your beverage cold or hot. I’m a punk rock rebel by nature and hate jumping onto trends, but it was finally time. The hippie in me couldn’t let another plastic water bottle go to waste - sign me up.

I decided to go with the Hydroflask brand just because it was the most popular. I mean … if I’m going to go trendy, I might as well go all the way, right? Once I landed on my brand of choice, there was a flood of options – color, size, customize, screw top, flip top, straw – save me!

Then I became a Hydroflask stalker. I would walk behind co-workers who were carrying them, visually taking notes. It must’ve looked creepy. Based on everything I saw, I got the 40-ounce size because it was comparable with the bottles I’d get at the convenience store. I chose red because none of my friends had that color. I wondered, what was the big deal about getting it customized with a logo or a name? I soon realized they’re perfect promotional tools. These bright Hydroflasks are being swung around in public every day. I quickly adorned my bottle with stickers from my radio station and my music band.

If you don’t know me by now, I should warn you that I share everything I do on social media. This led to selfies with my new Hydroflask during my walks to and from the office. I even began using a hashtag - #RedHydro. Some friends began showing interest in having their Hydroflasks in photos with mine. It’s taking on a personality of its own.

Have I noticed any health benefits from regularly taking sips from #RedHydro? Using a combination of personal blogs and government health website, I compiled a list of observed benefits of drinking water:

•    Decreased appetite for snacks? Yes.
•    Improved complexion? Come to think of it, I’ve had less zits pop up.
•    Enhanced concentration? Slightly, as I’m still battling sleep deprivation.
•    Decreased fatigue? Yes.
•    Less aching joints and muscle cramps? Yes.
•    Less headaches? Don’t have many to begin with, but haven’t had any since.
•    Higher frequency of flushing out waste? Yes. Definitely, yes.

Let’s talk about that last one. As eager as I am to drink more water, I’ve found myself cautiously unscrewing #RedHydro, due to the high frequency of, ahem, “flushing.” At first, I thought something was wrong with me. I’d go to the restroom in the middle of meetings, once an hour throughout the night, and don’t even get me started on being stuck in traffic. I spoke to a fellow Hydroflask-toting co-worker who’s been affected the same way. He’s even had to cut himself off from drinking an hour before bed. That man-to-man sit-down put me at ease. I now tend to curb my sips, depending on my upcoming activity.

The most common brag-worthy feature of these insulated bottles is how they can preserve ice. If you fill it with cold water, no ice is needed. I filled mine with ice and the ice bonded to form an iceberg. It was temporarily stuck in the middle of my #RedHydro. As I sipped water, the ice gave way and my face and work shirt was met with a tidal wave of icy cold water. So there I was again – in a puddle. But at least this time, I was a healthier soaked office dweller.

What’s next on the health checklist? I’m probably going to attempt to eat healthier. I’ve been hearing about salads in mason jars. Soon, everything I consume will be in the form of cylinders and I’ll be able to wear them all on a utility belt. I hear that Batman look is coming back. LOL!

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