Imagine: Life Without Diabetes

American Diabetes Association Hawaii
November 02, 2016

Imagine the day when diabetes is powerless! 

Nearly 600,000 children and adults in Hawaii have prediabetes or diabetes, or 1 in every 3 people. Diabetes disproportionately affects certain ethnic minorities such as Native Hawaiians, Asian Americans, and other Pacific Islanders. 

At the American Diabetes Association, we work each day with our mission and vision in mind to curb what has now become an epidemic. We are the leaders and the only organization fully committed to helping our keiki, kupuna, and the hundreds of thousands more in Hawaii with all types of diabetes. 


Today, people live healthier, longer lives thanks to the advances in diabetes research. But there is so much more to learn about this complex disease. We invest in research to break barriers in care and cures, fill critical unmet needs and fuel a pipeline of the best and brightest diabetes researchers. 

Work for Hawaii

In March of 2016, Hawaii became the first State in the United States to formally support the appropriate screening guidelines set forth by the ADA for Asian Americans. This initiative will increase efforts across Hawaii’s public and private health sectors to screen for type 2 diabetes in Asian Americans at a body mass index of 23. 

The general rule for some time has been that if you have a body mass index below 25, you are not at risk for diabetes. However, ADA research on Asian Americans proves different. The ADA, National Institutes of Health, and Centers for Disease Control have all recently acknowledged that Asian Americans are at risk for, and need to be screened at a lower body mass index. Dr. Wilfred Fujimoto, from Hawaii Island and with the University of Washington played a key role in this study.  


The ADA fights to relieve the hidden burden of discrimination faced by many who live with the disease. We ensure they have equal opportunities to education, recreation, and employment – representing them in court, helping to change state laws and policies, and ensuring health insurance options adequately meet their needs. We are also the leader in advocating for increased federal funding for diabetes research. 

Total Wellness

As diabetes increases at an unprecedented rate, demand for care will grow exponentially. We help meet this demand by setting the standards of care and providing resources to health professionals to improve patient outcomes. 

The ADA is on the frontlines of prevention and patient education – one of the most critical components of the successful treatment for diabetes. We provide individuals with relevant and easy to understand health information to promote prevention of diabetes and/or its complications. Our programs empower those at-risk in the places they live, work, play, and learn. 

Our Reach

In Hawaii, we accomplished the following in 2015:

50,000+ individuals with health and wellness information

Assisted 20+ companies with their worksite wellness program

Educated 200+ Hawaii health practitioners 

Hosted quarterly keiki events to support kids with diabetes and their families 

Successfully passed legislation to end diabetes discrimination in schools 

Join our ‘Ohana

Join the movement by volunteering your time or donating towards the cause. For information about all the programs and services we offer in Hawaii, please visit us at or call the ADA Hawaii Office at (808) 947-5979.

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