Hawaii Fitness: Bryan Clay Exercise Park

Danielle Douglass
February 22, 2017

Sometimes you just don’t feel like working out in a crowded, stuffy, and dimly-light gym. When that’s the case, have no fear. We’ve got a great alternative for you—head to the Bryan Clay Exercise Park, named for the 2008 Olympic decathlon gold medalist alum from Kaneohe.

It’s located along the mauka slope of the Diamond Head State Monument, right near the entrance to the crater. The park officially opened in October 2013, and has nine separate stations in which you can literally do dozens of different body-weight resistant exercises. 

Adjacent to the park is the Fort Ruger Pathway, a 1.3-mile paved trail. Completed in conjunction with the park, the path includes picnic and rest areas along the way. Also, just across the street is Bark Park, an off-leash dog park. 

The Bryan Clay Park is at great location that can allow you to inter-mix some weight training when you’re walking, running, hiking, or enjoying the Diamond Head area with your furry friend.  

Check out our video to see how easy using the exercise stations really are!

Bryan Clay Exercise Park

Location: Diamond Head State Monument Entrance, near the corner of Diamond Head Road and 18th Ave.  

Features: Nine workout stations, 1.3-mile paved trail nearby, picnic areas, dog park nearby, restrooms at Kapiolani Community College. 

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