Five Tips for a Healthy Family

Jessica Gellert
March 22, 2018

As a momprenuer, I’m busy juggling my work, raising my three daughters, and trying to keep my house clean. On top of all that, of course, I want my kids to be healthy! It can be overwhelming at times, but I’ve found ways to sneak healthier habits into our lives.

Here are five ways I try to keep it healthy with my family:

Walk instead of drive. If our destination is a mile or two away and we can use the North Shore Bike Path, we prefer to go on foot. We also like to go for family walks after dinner. We get fresh air, our hearts get pumping, and we help the environment at the same time. My kids are finally getting the hang of riding their bikes, so hopefully we’ll be able to increase our mileage.


Exercise the mind. My daughters look like kids in a candy store when I set them free at our local library.  They each check out five books every time we visit so we can read the stories together as a family before bed time.


Pack healthy snacks. When we’re out and about I like to have carrot sticks, string cheese, or some fruit on handy. When the kids get hungry I have a healthy snack to hold them over and I’m not forced to grab fast food. We’re also in the habit of bringing our water bottles everywhere we go so we can stay hydrated.


Work out together. I don’t have time to go the gym, so I often workout at home. My kids see me sweating and love to join in and exercise with me. We also have mommy-daughter dance parties.  I love how they’re already getting excited about fitness and challenging themselves to be stronger.

Eat local and sustainable. My husband hunts and fishes. My kids love being able to eat what their dad provides. He takes them fishing and teaches them to only bring home what we need and set the small fish free. When we can’t provide our own food, we like to visit local farmers markets for our produce.

I’ve found that several simple small steps towards a healthier lifestyle can really add up. How do you like to encourage your family to be healthier? Share in the comments below. 

Jessica Gellert is a mom of three girls, lover of fitness, coffeeholic and madly in love with her husband, Kristofor. She is a momprenuer and does social media marketing for her biz, Gellert Media.



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