Finding My Inspiration

Robyn Kuraoka
August 23, 2015

It’s not always easy to find something that motivates you to be active.

I don’t run and if given the option of going to the gym or working, I’ll work.

But, I love making things and last week, something I love helped me do something I loathe.

Be honest, we’re looking at a lei here and when you think of lei making, you think, “How much exercise can that be?”

You’re right.

But try gathering your own materials.

So, I convinced my daughter to grab a couple of plastic bags and join me to scour the neighborhood.

The 90-minute walk up and down Aiea Heights Drive isn’t normally something we’d do. But knocking on doors to ask if we could pick flowers was a great way to meet our neighbors (and get my daughter off the couch and off her iPhone).

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