The Cropsticks Balancing Act

Trey Takahashi
July 27, 2016

Running your own business can be tough. Inventing something can be stressful. Teaching college students can be extremely challenging. Planning a wedding can be one of the craziest time in someone’s life. Could you imagine doing it all at once?

Moanalua High School Alumnus, Mylen Fe Yamamoto, is an entrepreneur and the inventor of Cropsticks, an innovative bamboo chopstick with a holder built in. Cropsticks started with an idea on an airplane and is now becoming a reality. You’ll soon be able to find Cropsticks in Hawaii restaurants and purchase your own. 

During development, Mylen  was the full-time Associate Director and Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship at Loyola Marymount University. “When I was growing up that was always my dream job- to be a teacher and that’s what I always want to do,” she said. Now Mylen wants to inspire others through her work. “I want people to be like, ‘Oh! If she can invent something, I can do that too!’”

She is also the owner of Clique Now, where she manages YouTube stars including The Fung Bros, Linda D. Productions, and Richie Lee. Recently she helped produce the Aloha Concert - a live concert series featuring various YouTube artists. Mylen said being an entrepreneur doesn’t always start off as fabulous, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. “We used to get paid in gift cards and now life is good. Clique Now pays the bills,” she said.

Taking care of her health and well-being has always been a major priority for Mylen, especially when her businesses depend on it. In order to achieve success, Mylen strives to stay healthy and maintain balance in her life. “It's not a vanity thing, I do it so I can have energy to maintain Cropsticks and that gives me motivation to stay healthy.”

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