Color Me Calm

Lynn Shizumura
November 05, 2015

In elementary school, there was nothing like the joy of a fresh box of crayons or foam tray of paint. Art projects were something to look forward to, diligently work on, and bring home to my parents to display on the refrigerator or file away. 

Nowadays, I rarely touch a crayon or paint brush. But I still enjoy drawing simple flowers and shading with colored pencils. So I was intrigued when I heard about the latest trend in stress relief – adult coloring books. Along with the latest thrillers, cookbooks, and novels-made-popular-by-movies, several adult coloring books have claimed and retained their place on Amazon’s topseller list

Some books are intricate, others are simple. Many appeal to things that inspire us in real life. For example, I’ve always joked that I’d like to open a flower shop one day (I know that it involves a lot of hard work), so it’s understandable that I gravitated to a coloring book filled with floral patterns. Fellow blogger Danielle Douglass loves to surf and has a lot of respect for the ocean. She recently ordered a coloring book featuring intricate, whimsical underwater worlds

It’s routinely said that relaxation is an important part of good health and well-being. But for many of us, it can be difficult to break away from the normal routine and try something different – like meditating or art.

Carving out the time after dishes and before bed to color was stressful but then relaxing. The simple act of taking out a box of colored pencils my mom gave me years ago and sharpening them was already meditative. While coloring, I had fun testing out different combinations and discovering that some were better than others. 

My finished product.

It was nice to spend time away from the TV and phone. I didn’t sleep any earlier, but I did feel more relaxed. I plan to color at least once a week to see if it helps reduce stress long-term.

Have you bought into the adult coloring book trend? What’s your favorite book?     

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