Celebrating Young Talent: Kaimana Scholarship

William Tobin
January 26, 2017

Often, you hear news stories of some of the bad or even criminal actions of today’s youth. Due to the 24-hour news cycle, these stories seem to sensationalize and sometimes even reinforce a stereotype of today’s youth.  

However, if we look at the high school students in our family, and the families around us, we know this is not the case. The majority of high school students are trying hard to get good grades and participating in extracurricular activities with positive results. These include academic achievements, school groups and clubs, athletic accomplishments and community involvement. Some of these students also find time to work a part-time job.   

High school students treasure the time they have outside of class, making it even more impressive that recipients of the HMSA Kaimana Scholarship program give their time to be good students, play sports and give back to their community.  

Above: Erik Yamada, Kimberly Uehisa, Ayumi Sakamoto, Tiffany Chang

Generally, the majority of the HMSA Kaimana Scholarship winners are not the high profile athletes you’ll read about in the front page of the sports section. Most of the recipients of the HMSA Kaimana Scholarship are “regular” students with good grades who regardless of their sport or starting position, put in as much effort and hours as others on their team.   

Beyond good grades and playing sports, they also find time to do some amazing things in their community. In the past, Kaimana Scholarship recipients have done everything from helping the elderly with home repairs, to creating a charity. 

The recipients of the scholarship represent the future for Hawaii’s communities. These high school seniors today will transform into the productive and contributing members of their communities in the near future. If these young adults continue on their current paths and maintain that balance between their own needs and those of the community, Hawaii’s future is on solid ground.  

Above: Steve Van Ribbink, Mari Domingo

Lastly, as a parent, I have to add these students are a direct reflection of their parents and family’s values. I’ve heard it said it takes good parents to raise good students. At the annual award luncheon where these students are recognized, the HMSA staff makes sure we also congratulate the parents for the amazing young adult they have raised. In the case of the HMSA Kaimana Scholarship program, the recognition the recipients receive extends to their parents, family, as well as the teachers and coaches that have shaped their values.  Now and in the future, we all benefit from these young individuals.  

Learn more about the HMSA Kaimana Scholarship. 

Completed applications must be received by Friday, February 10, 2017.

Thumbnail Image: Hilton Raethel, Christopher Kim

Top Image: (Front row, L-R): Kaydee Rapozo, Kiana Paakaula-Reis, Nicole Carney, Kimberly Uehisa, Nina Bean, Ayumi Sakamoto, Tammy Ko, Mari Domingo. (Back row, L-R): Myah Post, Cory Yamagata, Christopher Kim, Luke Kikukawa, Erik Yamada, Tiffany Chang, Laura Tyler

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