Canine Game Day Comes To Kapolei

Jamie Nakasone
July 20, 2017

There aren’t many sights more joyous than a dog playing outdoors. And on July 22, Coral Crater Adventure Park in Kapolei will be full of joy when the Hawaiian Humane Society (HHS) holds its annual Canine Game Day.

With the increasing popularity of dog parks, play dates, and even televised agility competitions, it’s never been more clear that being a dog owner helps you get active. Getting out in the fresh air to enjoy bonding time with your pooch will drop your stress level and your blood pressure.

And let’s not forget how playing benefits your dog. Romping around with their beloved humans (and other dogs) is important for a dog’s social skills and both physical and mental health.    

This year, HHS celebrates 15 years of hosting Canine Game Day for the community. “Dog owners have been very enthusiastic about Canine Game Day,” says Suzy Tam, HHS’s communications and community events manager. “I think many pet owners look forward to having an event where they’re allowed, and encouraged, to bring their dogs with them. This will be the first year we’re hosting Canine Game Day in Kapolei, so we’re hoping that many West Oahu families will be able to attend.”

The event will feature booths with pet-themed gifts for sale, food and refreshments, and fun games and activities for dogs and their humans. “The Dog Derby is always exciting,” says Tam. “Imagine 10 dogs in each heat, in three different size categories, racing to the arms of their owners.  It’s always fun for the dogs and entertaining for people watching. There will also be a people-pet lookalike contest – that should be a blast.”

It’s sure to be a fun event with big grins, lolling tongues, and ears flapping in the breeze. The dogs, we mean, not the owners.

Canine Game Day is this Saturday, July 22 at Coral Crater Adventure Park from 3 to 6 p.m. For more information, visit HHS’s Facebook page or their website at

All photos were provided courtesy of the Hawaiian Humane Society.

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