Achieving Balance as a Mom

Denise Lau
November 04, 2015

Being a new parent can be overwhelming. Everything gets a bit more complicated -- finances, relationships, work schedules -- and time seems to just fly by. 

We asked Moms in Hawaii members how they achieved balance in life when they became parents. Want their great insight? Take a few minutes to enjoy this video with tips from moms just like you who are managing to do their best right here in Hawaii. 

So what did you learn? The biggest lesson is to slow down and enjoy the trip. Your kids are only young once.

How else can you achieve balance? Check out these tips:

Get rid of impossible expectations. Do the best that you can and feel good knowing your family is safe and loved, first and foremost. 

Find ways to have mental balance. If you feel guilty leaving your kids with a babysitter while you go off to work, ask the babysitter to send photos or post photos in a shared account so you can share in what your child did that day. 

Do things to keep organized. If you find you forget things or feel too busy to keep organized, start with a to-do list or have a giant calendar, as one of our moms describes in the video. Sort out the small tasks that make life easier: Keep a grocery list, have the kids put dishes in the sink after dinner, and put out clothes the night before. Plus, combine tasks to be more efficient: run errands in the order of your route home, for example. When it comes to meal prep, try doubling up on recipes and freezing portions so you’ll have less cooking to do during the week.  

Plan special moments to feel balanced, such as ‘me time’ and date nights. Remember your children don’t want to see you frazzled and stressed. Appreciate that they need to see you more at your best. As one mom in the video relates, “I think back to a time I felt I had balance and try to get myself back to that feeling.” That can involve aiming to sleep a decent seven to eight hours a night, taking a 30-minute walk daily, or just taking a long shower while the baby is being watched by dad. For stay-at-home or work-from-home moms, find ways to stay connected. Join new baby or mommy support groups like Moms in Hawaii.

Seek help. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad mom if you have someone help you out once in a while. For example, a best friend, a spouse, and relatives can watch the kids while you run errands or complete a home project. 

Learn to say no. Sometimes you just have to turn down activities that will keep the family or you too busy. Think of the quality moments you have with your children, like your weekly trips to the beach and your daily walk to the nearby park. If you have something new to do that interrupts that quality time, consider the pros and cons and you may decide to turn that new project down. 

Do you have tips on how you find balance as a mom? Share them below!

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