Pack travel sized toiletries to lighten the load of your gym bag.

7 Gym Beauty Hacks You Should Know

Jessika Garcia
November 07, 2015

How many of you would exercise before or during work if getting ready afterward didn’t take up so much of your time? A few of my girlfriends and I have tested – and currently use – these gym hacks and have curated this list for you to use. Hopefully you’ll make more time to exercise and improve your well-being! 

1. Pack light for easy travel.

Pack travel-sized beauty products for easy travel. Doing this not only lightens the load, but it’ll also be easier to store at your desk for future use. 

2. Take time to cool down. 

Set aside 10 minutes at the end of your workout to cool down and bring your body temperature down. By doing this, you won’t continue to sweat profusely when you’re trying to get clean. 

3. Use dry shampoo.

Don’t have enough time for a full shower? Use dry shampoo to soak up excess sweat and oil. Spritz your scalp in short bursts at your natural part(s), at the crown, and at the nape of your neck (where majority of your sweat and oil come from). You can do this before or after your workout (or both!) Whatever works best for you and your hair type. 

4. Blast your face and hair with cool air. 

If you have access to a hair dryer, use the cool setting to dry up excess sweat and oil in your hair and on your face. 

5. Only wash your bangs.

This gym hack applies to those that have bangs. Save time in the locker room by only washing your bangs. Pull the rest of your hair back and wash, dry (with a hair dryer), and style as usual. According to my friend with bangs, “… if your bangs look clean, no one will notice the rest of your hair.” 

6. Braid your hair to avoid the ponytail dent.

If you have hair that requires a rubber band, you know about the harsh ponytail dent. French braid your hair to avoid it entirely.   

7. Re-set makeup with a setting spray or mist.

If you’re like me and workout with a full face of makeup to save time from reapplying – sorry pores! – pat your face dry with a paper towel to blot away excess sweat and oils, then mist with a makeup setting spray to re-set your makeup. 

Do you have any gym hacks that weren’t listed above? Please share with us in the comments below; we’d love to test and try them out for ourselves. 

Ellie Harrison and Jennifer Hu contributed to this article.

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