5 Runs to Try This Spring

Lynn Shizumura
March 09, 2016

Running a race can be a transformative experience whether it’s your first or 50th organized event. This spring, celebrate your training with one (or more) of these inviting runs.    

Fun 5K
At 3.1 miles, the 5K is a great distance to try. And with many interesting events to choose from, you can run through a tropical botanical garden (April 2), enjoy the sunset on an Aloha Friday (April 8), chase a banana (May 7), or race for almost free (May 15).  

Tasty 10K
The Wahiawa Pineapple Run (May 14) is a breezy 6.2-mile run through the hills of sunny Wahiawa. One of the coolest (and sweetest) perks of this race is the whole pineapple you receive at the finish. 

Happy Half
This 13.1-mile run is one of the most popular race distances for beginners and experienced runners alike. Consider The Hapalua (April 10) or Hibiscus Half Marathon (May 29). 

Scenic Marathon 
Treat yourself to a breathtaking 26.2 miles with the Valley to the Sea Marathon (March 19). This race starts in Kihei, goes through Waikapu to lush Iao Valley, and takes runners back to Kihei ending on the beach. 

26.2-Mile Relay 
What better way to do a marathon than to split the work amongst five of your runner friends? The Honolulu Ekiden (May 22) is a 26.2-mile course divided into six sections of either 3.3, 3.9, or 5.6 miles each. Buses will take participants to their respective start lines (with the exception of the first leg).     

Ready to hit the road? Share your upcoming running plans in the comment section below. 

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